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Why American Home Service? Number One, See Our Work and What our Customers Have to Say About Us - Click Here

Some contractors advertise lower rates and produce lower quality work that reflect their lower rates. Others use the "if I charge more there is a higher perceived value in my work" strategy and still produce mediocre and even low quality work many times. Even if you received a great job you still may have paid much more than you had to. American Home Service professionals produces the best balance between price, quality materials, quality workmanship, a truly well done job and long term support. Ask our local customers they will tell you.

We want your repeat business and we are looking forward to satisfying you in every way. When contractors compete you win. So to prove it we will also better in every respect any other professional proposal (labor only) by at least 10 percent (usually more) and give you a higher quality overall project with unlimited long term support. For example On a $5,000 project that's a $500 to $600 minimum savings over our professional competition.

Other great reasons you just canít beat American Home Service Value:

    * We offer the COMPLETE job- not just a portion. We take care of everything. All you have to do is to choose  the colors and style and we do the rest. We supply and supervise our own
subcontractors for major problems involving electrical and plumbing.


    * Even though the name has changed over the years, the high quality has not. We have successfully been in business with the same ownership since 1988 professionally improving local area homes and commercial buildings.

    * We have the experience, commitment to excellence, quality, customer satisfaction, professional workmanship, professional staff and professional project management that ensures the highest quality, professional job every time.

    * We respect and treat our customers, their families and their homes or commercial buildings as we would our own- with the highest level of respect and care.

    * All our work is more than 100% guaranteed. With long term support after the project is finished. If something happens to go wrong, or just isn't right with any of the work we have done we will be there to professionally take care of it. We will make every reasonable attempt to make you happy and keep your business.

    * We are your one stop professionals and do it all- from basic concept, to full design work, all trade and materials management through to completion.

     * We love satisfied customers, and we are proud to say we have hundreds of them in the area - American Home Services and its ownership have a clear legal background without litigation, suits, bankruptcies, and NO customer complaints filed with Better Business Bureau, States Attorneys offices or any other agency or municipality for any reason, EVER.

    * Please check our background, if you require any other information to make your check easier please let us know. All contractors should provide an open book about their background, work, and customer satisfaction levels and it is to your best interest to check thoroughly. Please let us know if you require any further references and we will be glad to provide them.

* Through integrity and professionalism, we craft enduring value and lasting relationships while providing experience, performance, selection of products and services, attention to detail, follow through, pride in workmanship, at the best value in the area.

    * We strive to be creative problem solvers and innovative thinkers with new ideas and new approaches to design and remodeling to better serve you.

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