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1. Do you give free estimates?

We never charge for estimates. If you live outside of Cedar Lake, Lowell, or Crown Point we sometimes must charge a “trip fee.” This simply covers costs and we don’t profit from this at all. This enables us to offer our services over a greater area. For small, common repairs we can many times give you a “quote” over the phone.

2. How is a quote different from an estimate?

A quote doesn’t require a trip to your home. It is an exact price. An estimate is just a guess. In Indiana a contractor is not bound by an estimate and can choose to charge an additional 10%. We know that it is often necessary to do an on-site evaluation in order to quote a price and do not charge for this service.

3.  How can you know what it costs to do my repair if   
     you’ve never even seen my house?

We have been in this business since 1988. We have a database of past jobs to refer to. It is unlikely you need a repair that we haven’t done many times before.

4. Do you take credit cards?

Yes! You can now pay for your repair work right from our web site by utilizing our PayPal link. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, it is free and easy to set up. Click on the PayPal link on our home page find out how.

5. What if my question isn’t listed here?

You can always E-MAIL it or give us a call at 219-374-9080

Since we get new questions all the time this page is always under construction. Please check back.

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